Our Approach

I believe the best of guitars should not break your wallet and yet should be second to none. From a beginner to a pro, wherever you are in your journey, it should perform true to it’s heart and soul.

Handcrafted to perfection completely from scratch by a performing artist and that’s a deal breaker. None of the build process is outsourced nor is handled by another. From bare wood, end to end. All the insights and ideas of having gig’d for many years, bundled into a guitar I always needed…

Our Story

I got my first real six string sometime in my early teens – mom dad’s gift. Gig’d around a lot with it until the frets were wearing out and then one fine day it had a fall. Broke its neck. The guitar bled for about a week or so, howled in pain and then….slowly forgotten left in its case while newer guitars replaced it.

Many years passed by…and my wife out of the blue said to me ” Why don’t you fix the broken guitar?”. I said “You can’t fix it, the neck is in two pieces!”. And she said, yeah so why don’t you make one?!” and so it began.

In no time I found myself covered in saw dust, shaping a maple neck. The most rewarding experience. I finally did it and the guitar is back to life, howlin’ again 🙂

And then was a dream to bring in an awesome tone and playability, yet affordable. With the only investor and shareholder (my lovely wife) and a quick brainstorm on the shape and name with my bro, the concept of Octaveus Guitars was born.

A Self Taught Performing Guitarist now a self made luthier…Applying my professional experience as a Quality manager, (Lean, Six Sigma Blackbelt) building a dream guitar came in naturally. You can be sure the quality and attention to detail is second to none, on every Octaveus guitar, for it is made with a lot of Soul.


Before and After…

My old six string rebuilt with a new Maple neck and rosewood fret board, red stripes  with inlays